Leelanau Property Management

Why let us manage your vacation rental property?

1. Our wraparound services.
Leelanau Vacation Rentals has an in house maintenance company, Glen Arbor Outdoor, which is available for our properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the hours that our office is not open, they (and we) offer an after-hours emergency line. Often, when homeowners rent their properties themselves, this is one key element that is missing- a group of qualified people at the ready to troubleshoot when issues arise!

We also have a housekeeping department with our own laundry facility, conveniently located in Glen Arbor, where we launder your linens and towels. This way, the mess doesn’t happen in your home!

Have you owned your vacation property for a while and are looking to sell it? Our in house real estate company, LVR Realty, is happy to help you! With so many renters and other owners coming in and out of our office throughout the year, we are the perfect place to market your property!

2. Our longstanding history with the community.
Leelanau Vacation Rentals has been in existence since 1995, and maintains a strong relationship with the town of Glen Arbor and members of the community. We also have a well-established list of owners and customers who have been renting their properties with us (or through us) since the company’s inception in the mid 1990’s. Additionally, Glen Arbor Outdoor, our in house maintenance company (run by the same family), has been in existence for an even longer period of time. They have been providing property maintenance to most of The Homestead condominium associations since the 1980’s!

3. We offer a full time, year round office staff.
In a town and area that is very seasonal, attaining and maintaining a full time, year round, and very qualified office staff is not as easy as it sounds! Our employees know our rental properties and our owners very well, so you can always count on very personal, knowledgeable, and courteous assistance. We are also here to provide consultation, input, and feedback on how to develop the best potential in your property in order to market it the most effectively to renters.

4. Our rental success continues to grow.
Even with its touch and go weather, Leelanau Vacation Rentals was still able to have an incredibly successful year of 2014. The previous years were very strong, as well. We’re always looking for ways to improve our marketing, quality of properties, and most importantly, the relationships we have with both our owners and customers.

Property Owner Testimonials

“We love Leelanau Vacation Rentals! After deciding to rent out our little piece of paradise, we struggled with our decision when our initial rental agency did not meet our expectations for making it a stress free and low maintenance experience. Upon changing to Leelanau Vacation Rentals, we were both relieved and comforted that the LVR team managed our property as though it were their own home. They are very attentive to the property, the renters, and the owners! We are kept abreast of any and all activities on the property, and they also manage every aspect of the rental and caretaking operation so that we do not have to worry about anything. They were also able to book it out to full capacity in the first year! When we closed up the home this past November, we were delighted to see that there was no wear and tear whatsoever after a full summer and fall of weekly rentals. We are extremely satisfied with Leelanau Vacation rentals and will stay with LVR for many years to come.”
– Tom D, owner of “Treehouse”

“I’ve been very pleased with LVR. Ranae Ihme and her staff are first class professionals. My wife and I used our marvelous place on Glen the entire summer for many years but recent health changes limited our use. We did not want to sell knowing our kids would ultimately want to take over. Renting through LVR made sense to us.”
– Andy K, owner of “Snug Harbour”

“Leelanau Vacation Rentals has managed my Homestead condo for nearly 20 years and I have been consistently pleased with their performance and professionalism. Their advertisements have brought steady rentals, their payments for rentals have been prompt, and their end-of-the year accounting has made my record-keeping much easier. The Ihmes and their staff handle all manner of crises, from getting new appliances when one suddenly breaks down during the height of the season to minor problems or concerns. They offer advice for updating furnishings and promptly take care of repairs or refurbishing. For me, LVR has made “absentee ownership” possible. In sum, they are terrific.”
– JoEllen V, owner of “Crystal Beach 2”

“When we think of Leelanau Vacation Rentals we think “peace of mind”. From rentals to property maintenance they always provide a professional and friendly attitude. We are lucky to have found such a “gem” of a company that we can trust to manage our vacation home.”
– Ann K, owner of “Pine Trace 8”

“After renting from LVR for years, we experienced first-hand how attentive their staff was to our needs as a renter. Once we purchased our slice of Leelanau County, it was an easy choice to select LVR. As owners, our experience has been wonderful. We have peace of mind in how our property is cared for and they don’t just take care of our property, they listen and care about us. LVR truly is invested in not just property, but people!”
– Melanie B, Owner of “Afterglow”

“My experience with Leelanau Vacation Rentals has been very positive. They manage my rental property with great success – frequent bookings, immediate follow-up on problems, up-to-date knowledge of new sites to enhance traffic, efficient bookkeeping and good suggestions for keeping units appealing and current. It is a local company with a history in the area and significant knowledge of the attractions in the area. Thumbs up!”
– Julie K, Owner of “Crystal Beach 13” and “Tall Timber B2”

“Ranae and Bob worked wonders to show us homes and worked with us through the entire purchase of our Glen Arbor home. They took our calls at all hours and were very supportive of this new direction our own family was headed in. The communication is really good, especially with the fall and spring cleans. We always know who is doing what. They have this awesome linens program so our guests do not have to remember to bring sheets or towels on their vacation. During our first year we had an ice dam and a gas leak. Yikes! They treated our house like their own and just went above and beyond knowing we could not get there to handle it ourselves. We were impressed with the work and felt comforted knowing we were being taken care of. We love LVR and cannot recommend them enough!”
– Mark A, Owner of “Creeping Snails”

“We were with Leelanau Vacation Rentals from their start as a rental property management company many years ago when we were both working and couldn’t make it up to our condo to check on things very often. We have continued to have LVR do our rentals right up to the present when we are semi-retired with a flexible time schedule and can come to our vacation “paradise” for longer periods of time. What drew us to LVR in the first place is what keeps us there now. We believe that we get good property management for a fair price. We believe that LVR cares about our condo and about us. We know that their weekly-only rental practice in midsummer reduces wear and tear on our condo. There is also the convenience of having the competent staff of Glen Arbor Outdoor to do needed repairs and installations.

“When we were with another management company years ago, we consistently found that post-rental cleaning left much to be desired. We found clothing left under the beds, pills spilled on the floor and even a broken closet door propped up against the wall with no report that repairs were needed. Although nothing is perfect, we have been quite satisfied with the quality of LVR cleaning crews and especially like that their supervisors use checklists with input from the owners when doing their post-cleaning inspections.”

“LVR asks for our input and, even when we give unrequested input (we are pretty close to perfectionists), they listen and act upon reasonable requests for change in their practices. Because they personally know us and the other owners, we feel all LVR staff truly care about our rental property – almost as much as we do.”
– Dr. Bob and Mary Anne Buckman